What we do

We know that mediating a patient is a process that requires a lot of trust. Therefore, it is very important to take care of our patients individually and to give them the feeling of being in the best hands. Our offer does not end with pure patient mediation, but goes far beyond that. If the patient wishes, we organize the entire journey from start to finish. The individual package is put together tailored to the patients needs, since we know that no case is alike, and not everyone has the same needs and demands.

For clinics on the other hand, we are a most reliable partner bridging the gap between all patients demands and clinical offers. Such in close cooperation with the clinic Porta Medika Healthcare creates a holistic package for the patient. We organize all contacts that are necessary with third-party providers and also offer an individual cost management, so that the clinic and the patient have true financial security.

Our Services at a glance:

  • Arranging contacts between patients and clinics
  • Working with national and international third party partners as an interface
  • Helping to find the right clinic for every patient individually, no matter what medical treatment is needed
  • Translation of patients documentations
  • Helping with travel formalities
  • Arranging Visa, flight, accommodations, transfer for the patients
  • Support and accompaniment of patients from start to end through a personal healthcare assistant
  • Interpreter for the medical treatments and documents
  • Cost management and financial security

But how does it actually work? Here are the 3 main steps:

Step 1: First contact

To use our service, you can easily get in touch via e-mail (contact@portamedika.healthcare). A brief description of your situation and specific needs is sufficient for us to start with.

We will shortly get back to you to arrange for details.

Step 2: Customized Offer

Our team will do its very best to get you a customized offer fitting all your individual requirements so you can really focus on what’s most important for you and that’s your healing. For this step we will need all documentations of your before treatments and diagnosis translated into English if available. If your patients documentation should be any other language than please contact us for the best solution.

We work with the best quality clinics and partners available. Our offer will also include the overall financial costs for your therapy and stay.

Step 3: Financial security

If you are happy with the offer we will do all necessary negotiations with the clinic for you and find out the total amount of your therapy and costs of stay for you and your accompanying person. We guarantee a transparent budget with cost control at all times.

Of course our team is always here to guide and support you at any time.

Contact us any time and start your journey to health!